Conference Schedule

Note: The schedule overview above is just for reference. Around early March, 2023, the final schedule will be sent to all participants.

March 24, 2023
 Time  Arrangements
 10 am--4 pm  

Conference Sign-in and Materials Collection, including registration fee invoice, printed conference abstract, conference papers' collection, name tag, etc.


March 25, 2023
 Time  Arrangements
 8:30 am  Registration Open
 9 am--9:10 am  Welcome Remarks by Conference Chair
 9:10 am--12 pm  Plenary Session: Keynote Speeches
 12 pm--1:30 pm  Conference Lunch
 1:30 pm--3:30 pm  Technical Sessions
 3:30 pm--3:45 pm  Break Time
 3:45 pm--6 pm  Technical Sessions
 6 pm--8:30 pm  Dinner Banquet


March 26, 2023
 Time  Arrangements
 9:30 am--12 pm  Technical Sessions
 12 pm--1:30 pm  Break Time
 1:30 pm--6 pm  Technical Sessions